I started wearing makeup at the tender age of 9 years old. I remember stealing my older sisters foundation bottle and hiding it in my school bag to take into school with me and slap on to my face in the bathrooms! (Yes I would use my fingers because I didn’t even know what makeup brushes were back then!). Long gone are those school bathroom days when my makeup collection was limited to that stolen bottle of MAC foundation. Whilst growing up I experimented with a lot of different makeup products and brands, always being very selective with what products I would use – that is a habit that I still carry with me today.

At 18 years old I started studying Forensic Science & Psychology at university however my heart always stayed at home with my vanity table. My lecturer would be talking about the science behind the human mind but I was thinking about getting home and creating new makeup looks. I spent 2 years at university and in that time I practiced really hard on my makeup application skills. When I finally felt that my skills were at a level that I could work on other people I decided to make the brave decision of leaving university. Needless to say, at the time I was very scared thinking I had made an irrational decision however looking back now, I am so glad I took that step 4 years ago.

Once I had decided to drop out of university, I took on freelance makeup artistry – full time. I was one of the youngest makeup artists in my city at the time and I was always fully booked up, which I remember was the most ecstatic feeling!

In 2012 I decided to make an Instagram blog showcasing some makeup looks on myself and slowly an interest started to grow on my page. Before I knew it, answering beauty related questions and showing other women and girls my tips and tricks in makeup, became my full time job! Being a beauty influencer comes with a lot of responsibility including always having to sift through the hundreds of thousands of products on the market to find the ones that are the best in quality.

It was my desire to always find the highest quality products that led me to building my own cosmetics brand. I put in a lot of effort to make sure I select the best materials and the best craftsmen to make my products according to my designs. Each product is personally designed, keeping every woman and girl in mind. I want to create something for everyone, under the one roof, so it makes sifting through the hundreds of thousands of products out there, that much easier!

With Love,


CEO & Director